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Hoxton Hotels


Google 360 & Custom Tours

The newest brand addition to Accor get our virtual tour treatment to drive online sales.

We actually started working with Ennismore on their Gleneagles and Hoxton products before there was any official announcement on the strategic collaboration between the two, it was lovely to see one of our oldest and newest virtual tour clients come together.

With 10 properties spread across 5 countries it’s a chances for us to visit new cities of countries we’ve previously photographed. Our overseas photo shoots are usually fly in and fly out experiences so it gives us little chance to see more of that particular country. We’re especially excited to visit different areas of US, having spent 2 days shooting in Florida back in 2017, getting the chance to see Downtown Los Angeles, Portland, Chicago and Williamsburg in New York has us chomping at the bit.

Rooms, M.I.C.E. & Views

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A Tool for Online & Offline

As well improving each hotel’s online presence by optmising this Google Local Listing helping them rank higher in meta search, our custom virtual tour experience has been broken down to not only showcase the hotel in it’s entirety, but also into mini tours for each room’s landing page as well as a for local storage on the sales teams iPad for use in the field and travel expo.

Part of Accor Global 360 Initiative

We’re Accor Hotels preferred 360 photographer for MEA region, we’ve been working directly with the brand since 2016 and covered properties in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Doha, Kuwait, Bahrain and many more cities.

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Google Maps Publication

We explained to Accor that they should be operating a 'Google First' approach, optimising each hotel's pressence in meta-seach.

Custom Tour

Each hotel receives a bespoke, custom branded virtual tour for their own microsite and use for the sales teams, it offers a much user-friendly experience.

Accor Library

We provide 2 sets of digital files directly to the hotel, a high resolution back up at a resolution of 12k, as well as 4k imagery optimised for Accor's internal image library.


We predicted that online travel agents would eventually showcase 360 photos and Booking.com started to fo so in Dec 2019. Our images are ready for upload via hotel dashboard.