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Virtual Open Day

Amongst the first higher education campus' in the UK to provide a virtual opening day pre-covid.

We love innovators and those that have the foresight to utilise technology before it’s needed. Since the Coronavirus pandemic, there’s been a sharp uptake in those needing to showcase their premises digitally, in the UK it became a requirement that all viewings should be done virtually within the real estate industry but there’s also been huge demand to have virtual open days for academic facilities.

Hopwood Hall college operate 2 campuses, one in Rochdale and one in Middleton both requiring to be 3D mapped for Google as well as experience that would allow potential students explore the areas of interest specific to their course.

In just 3 days we’d taken thousands of photographs across multiple buildings and departments to highlight everything the college has to offer, this came with it’s own set of challenges including working within animal enclosures consisting of Bats and Meerkats, overly dark areas with fast moving creatures that would normally cause havoc on our usual capture methods.

10 Explorable Buildings In One Interactive Experience

With different courses being taught across multiple buildings it made more sense to us that each building had it’s own mini tour, there are 10 different areas on their Middleton Campus (Rochdale being a little easier due to there just being 1 blocks within a single building) All areas are tied together with a menu and aerial 360 images.

More Than Just An Open Day

While our branded virtual tour made for the perfect content for new student admissions to explore the campus facilities, our Google StreetView virtual tour allows the college to be open 24/7 and has welcomed nearly 200,000 would be students pick their further education in just a single year.

Virtual Explorers at Middleton Campus
Virtual Explorers at Rochdale Campus

Immersive Selfie with Alpacas

Who doesn’t love animals? While it’s great to be able to walk around the various animal enclosures at Hopwood Hall’s Middleton Campus, it’s even more fun to be able to take a selfie with them. We created Hopwood Hall’s own Instagram Filter using Spark AR in order to allow students to visualise themselves within the campus including the ability to take an Alpaca selfie.