Adidas Virtual Store – Tokyo




Omni-Channel Experience

Japans first virtual-commerce experience for one of the worlds largest sports fashion brands.

You have to wipe your eyes when you see that an email enquiry arrives from the Marketing Director of Adidas Japan. Could we really photograph and build a virtual experience of their flagship Tokyo store and integrate it into their existing online pressence in just 3 days?

I wasn’t until we arrived in their offices that we were told that another agency had projected this project would take almost 3 weeks to complete, but we have a habit of making the impossible possible due to our commitment to every client we work with and meeting incredibly tight timescales. In this case it was completion of the stores remodel and positioning of the visual merchandise to the stored grand re-opening.

1400 Photos Over 5 Floors

You’ve got to have a certain amount of fire about you to be able to fly for 19 hours straight, travelling 5800 miles and immediately getting to work with a brand new client to photograph their country’s crown jewels in bricks and mortar.

Dual Experience

We normally have a build once, publish twice philosophy. It allows us to surpass expectations and to be as efficient as we can in the post production phase of every virtual tour client we work with. This time we had to build 2 completely individual experiences on different platforms within the same timeframe.

Huge Interaction

While we’ve had a number of individual virtual tours for hotels, tourist destinations and points of interests surpass a million interactions, but this many for a single retail store is unheard of.

Google Maps Viewers
Web Views


With a list of products and URL's to their web store, there were around 60 products linked from the virtual experience with a call to action button.

Virtual Reality

While not part of the deliverables, I noticed they had a few Oculus Go headsets in the office, we created VR tour for them in just 3 hours.