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We are the worlds truly international 360 content creator and 3D virtual tour agency, helping brands utilise the latest technologies within VR and augmented reality space.

As one of the original “Trusted Inner-space Photographers” for the Google Business Photos program dating back to 2011. We have 10 years experience working with businesses of all shapes and sizes ranging from high street independents to international brands.

What started as an accreditation to associate our small photographic studio to the Search Engine giant set our photographer on a path around the world to create immersive and highly engaging 360 virtual tours explored by hundreds of millions of people around the world. 

Throughout our journey we’ve been described as thought-leaders and innovators in our field, continually striving to make our experiences more user friendly while offering more functionality for those that invite us into their business premises in order to help tell their story.  

Our philosophy has always been about creating the most stunning imagery of each venue we capture, it’s our drive and commitment to our clients that have helped shaped our deliverables too create highly engaging and interactive creative content. Our products go way beyond the visual and we’ve pioneered brand new technologies to help our clients streamline their marketing efforts. Technologies like “Live Guided Tour” a Zoom or Microsoft Teams like webcall within a virtual tour, no additional software needed, the functionality is built in. It allows the business and a potential customer to engage like never before with the host being able to control the user’s view within the virtual tour and give them realtime information via face to face. It’s the ultimate in hyper-customised digital experience and it’s been described as “game-changing” by a regional e-commerce director of one of the world biggest hotel brands. Another innovation of ours was our “Immersive Selfie” feature for Facebook and Instagram. An Augmented Reality effect that bring the user into a spherical photo, as this image is seamlessly linked to a phones gyroscope it’s a case of the background rotating as the operator moves, allowing them to take a realistic selfie at your business. If you have an “instagrammable” feature then you can improve your social reach by allowing those that haven’t even visited your venue to capture a snap there, it’s designed to create an emotional attachment by allowing that person to visualise themselves at your property in the hope of converting them to a customer. it’s very much a case of photographing once with infinite possibilities.  Our first release of AR technology came during the lockdown of 2020 due to COVID-19. In a bid to help with the mental health of those not being able to leave the their house we decided we’d help transport them to the cityscape of Dubai, the shores of an idyllic island in Maldives or a tranquil Forrest Spa, offering rest-bite from looking at the same 4 wall, even if it was for just a few minutes. Due to it’s success and will millions of captures, we now offer each hotel and resort we work with that open to have their own Immersive Selfie Filter for Instagram.

We welcome creative campaigns, gamification and e-commerce integrations as well as e-learning, all of which can be created through 360 and 3D virtual tours or interactive, virtual reality environments for use with compatible head mounted displays.

2011 - Google 360 Accreditation

We became on the the first StreetView Trusted Photographers in the UK, trained by Google to use their back end systems, undergoing their quality control checks regarding imagery and user experience.

2012 - First National Brands

Center Parcs, Betta Living and Tesco become the first brands we work with outside of our regional designation. We become trusted for our high quality imagery, customer service and drive to fulfil the needs of our clients.

2013 - First Overseas Photoshoot

Following a highly successful project with Tesco UK allowing the brand to showcase a new concept store. We are commissioned to shoot an additional store in Tarnow, Poland. Tesco view our Google 360 experience as an effective cost saving measure, where teams can explore the store online rather than visiting in person.

2014 - First International Hotel Shoot

Not just one hotel, 36. In 49 days, across 4 countries. Using an experimental Google Platform we worked with UK based tour operator Destinology to map hotels in UAE, Oman, Mauritius and Maldives. These became the first business in each of these territories to be explorable on Google Maps.

2015 - First Official Google Photoshoot in Middle East & Maldives

In September of this year Google opened up the Business View program worldwide, the 70+ hotels we'd since photographed with Destinology up to this point became direct clients. Rixos The Palm, Dubai became the first official StreetView constellation in the GCC. This becomes the inspiration for Jumeirah Hotel & Resorts own immersive experience - Inside Jumeirah.

2016 - Accor and Emaar Preferred Supplier

After successful shoots with these brands we become preferred 360 supplier with Dubai based property company Emaar as well as one of the worlds largest hotel brands, Accor. We start roll out of their global initiative to capture products for Google Maps across Middle East and Africa.

2017 - First Photoshoots in The Americas

Our ongoing work with Club Med takes us to a brand new region with 360 photoshoots taking place in US, Brazil, Mexico and Caribbean. Taking our total number of continents worked to 6, We're still trying to map parts of Antarctica

2018 - We Launch UK's First Town-wide Immersive Experience

Using linking a collection of individual virtual tours of local businesses together through drone 360's and a customised menu system we create Rochdale360, an interactive way to explore shops, restaurants and points of interest within a specific area.

2019 - An Omni-Channel Experience With Adidas

News of the dedication we commit to our clients reach Adidas Japan and we've invited to create an interactive virtual tour for their flagship store in Tokyo which not only provides an immersive walkthrough but connects visual products to their existing e-commerce website.

2020 - The First StreetView Fashion Show

Winning numerous Digital PR awards, the campaign with Majid Al Futtaim and Mullenlowe sees us photograph a Fashion Show in the heart of Dubai, the constellation spelling the name of the local shopping mall on Google Maps and allowing web users to virtually visit the show.

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Clients & Testimonials

Our clients love us! Don’t just take our word for it – read what they say.

I've been managing Dan Root within the Google Business Photos project from May 2012 until November 2012. I can confirm that you can 100% trust in Dan's professional expertise. His outstanding entrepreneurial approach is always providing a great value to the products and the services. Dan has a deep and detailed knowledge about photography and marketing. Dan is a people's person and I really value his friendly way of dealing with customers. If you are looking to hire a creative professional for your corporate/or personal goals, feel free to get in touch with him.
Working with Dan was a breath of fresh air. His creativity and attention to detail made creating our virtual tours a pleasure. Dan is thorough and hardworking with a great eye for film and photography work. The quality of his work is consistently excellent. We were thrilled with the results!
Excellent service from Dan at Immersive Image. Very professional customer service and amazing pictures. From our initial enquiry to publication everything ran smoothly and Dan did the shoot and uploaded the images within 4 hours! He also offered some helpful advice for our Google listing. Pleasure to work with and definately recommended!
Rochdale 360 is a ground breaking interactive way to explore Rochdale, its businesses, history and heritage. The finished product has exceeded all of our expectations and it has played a significant role in helping to promote the growing town centre offer, plus the feedback from businesses and users has been very positive. Dan is easy to work with and he will go the extra mile to ensure businesses are satisfied with the end result. I would highly recommend his services.